Board of Directors

President - Angela M. Reitz - With 16 years working for the United States Army as an official Army photographer. she has met and taken photos of Barbara Bush, General and former Secretary of State Colin Powell and the last 10 years as an IT Specialist for the Department of Defense. Angela wanted to give back to our wounded heroes. Her experience with the military provides a unique experience and knowledge of how to provide our wounded heroes with these truly rare music therapy country styled "gifts".


Vice President - David A. Reitz - With over two decades of business experience in the automotive world and commercial/residential property management, David, brings real world experience to the team. His entrepreneurial spirit brings the team the cohesive glue needed to get things done. His "Can Do" attitude allows him to accomplish anything and achieve all of his business efforts.


IMG_2055Secretary - Thomas E. Reitz - With Tom's eclectic background, he brings sales experience, and IT experience. With his web development business, Tom is able to provide the technical experience needed to build a massive website and connect it to the world online and link it to this booming social world. His sales experience is par none, as he also previously had a business selling commercial fitness and medical rehabilitation equipment throughout the Caribbean. Working with specialists that worked with wounded veterans, made Tom want to give back as he saw, personally, how much work our heroes put into protecting us and ultimately, when injured, just how hard they work to get back to a normal life.